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Furniture company Burosys outfits the office of Tricor Global in Worli, Mumbai

Burosys specialises in premium quality, efficient furniture for the contemporary workspace

The design intent was to create an ambience that reflected the ethos of modern day work culture. Overlooking the Worli skyline, the firm’s office is located in one of the most upscale buildings in South Mumbai, Ceejay House. The design team from Mihir Thaker and Associates presented a beautiful and transformative design for the client. The language for the furniture proposed was distinctively bold and minimal. Beyond decorative decisions, getting hands-on with Burosys helped the client see how the various elements of the furniture could be pieced together and perform in various settings.

Modular furniture with aluminium chrome legs and ultra-smooth Italian laminates, adds uniqueness to the whole set-up. The conference room has a circular table that heightens the sense of space within the room. At the same time, the glass wall allows access to the spectacular view of the sea and outside greenery, creating a relaxing atmosphere overall. The projector screen with meticulously arranged plants on either side quells the impression of disquiet associated with boardrooms, without removing business from the equation.

The conference room has a circular table that heightens the sense of space within the room.

In contrast, the second conference room has a rectangular table that promotes the perception of enclosure with defined edges and close-knit walls. This carefully placed furniture encourages the visitor to feel a sense of closeness. The table tops are designed with super matte panels which are extremely soft to touch. Finally, the visiting room makes use of dark and light tones to create a neutral space with enough room to dispel any sense of compartmentalisation.

Mihir Thaker, designer of the project ‘Tricor Global’, says, “Burosys has the intrinsic value to translate the design intent and client DNA into aesthetic and functional furniture offerings. It takes generations of DNA to become super specialists at what they do.”

Burosys’ strategic usage of furniture gives the rooms their unique character. The aura created is that of productivity and professional sophistication.

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