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Tools to Work from Home

Tools to Work from Home

How to: Work at home be home at work What it takes.


As I go through the Digital papers, News Apps and endless blogs, webinars and online learning sessions, i am faced with a new reality caused by COVID-19. 

It’s been 30 days, i haven’t worn a Classic office White shirt  yet. Working in Pj’s, sitting on my Home desk, which is the Clavis Table with the City chair, upon which sits my iMac, Philips Hue smart light, Google Home and my Nespresso macchiato. 

I have prepared a small guide to ensure you have a safe corner for yourself. 



STEP 1 - Mindset


You may not have a spare bedroom or a study in your house. But with a little effort, you can easily create a small corner with the basic necessities. 


  1. DESK with Pin up Board Screen
  2. Ergonomic CHAIR ( Avoid using the spare Dining     chair) 
  3. Lamp
  4. Supplies


Step 2 - Furniture


Its’s tempting to use the kitchen or dining chair or the couch. BUT DON’T.


We recommend using a dedicated chair for the new Workdesk. 

After all, you will be using for longer hours now. and you surely want to avoid getting a back pain or developing a poor posture. 

There are so many blogs that have a laundry list of what features you should or should not have in a task chair. 

Basic features for the work chair can include a backrest that can be tilted upto a certain degree. Depending on the set up and nature of your job, you ay not need a great angle of recline. I personally use the City Chair, which has a robust and protruding mesh back and a tip up seat. This allows me to touch the chair in, under the desk at the end of my work day. Having recessed handles is also a good feature as it doesn’t obstruct the drawers in the table. 

Most other chairs however do come with Height adjustable seats, Adjustable Handles, Lockable mechanisms so that the chair doesn’t recline with body weight and casters. 

You nay view the full range of the Chairs and Desking systems available here. 


By Hersh Pitroda


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