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POSTCOVID Workspaces

POSTCOVID Workspaces

By now everyone knows the world is changing. 
Industries have turned upside Down. 
How will companies look at workspaces?
How will employees interact ? 

Finally, How will you sit?

We have wondered how offices will begin to look and how they would be able to manage such changes. There may be such changes where the employees that can continue working from home, will do so. Companies might even cut down on real estate and only allow essential roles to work from offices. A large amount of workforce could continue operating from Home. If Real estate reduces, there will be a trickle down effect from real estate owners to Fit out firms. Offices will very much need to be re-configured. Seating will need to be dispersed and organised in a manner that will suit the current social distancing norms. 

-Employees will be required to sit 1-2 metres away from each other and their desk. 
-Common Areas such as Office gyms and cafes and huddle spaces will have a restriction on the number of people allowed to gather. 
-Aisle spaces will need to be increased so that passing traffic maintains as much distance from each other as possible. 
-Companies might opt for larger tables. 
-Break away/ public spaces in the office will become an oasis for Sanitisation. 
-The push for paperless processes will push further
- Open Desks will convert to semi Open or Cubicals again. 

There will be products to support this new "normal". We shall aim to keep the creativity going and help companies function as efficiently as possible.

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