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Since 1940
We are one of India's oldest Furniture manufactures. Since being founded in 1940 under Brand name " Pitroda Furniture " and then starting another company called "Burosys", we have re engineered our products, re created them and retained our customers and provided the highest level of service, product and customer satisfaction. We intend to live forever in this community and will continue to support businesses small and Big with the best quality furniture for their offices. When we think of offices, we think of the people who will use the furniture. Each mould and part has been designed ground up and then engineered together to create a system that has a balance of Function and Form.
Our Vision

To create inspiring Workspaces. To create products that are a result of thought, form and function. To create original designs that are mass produced and ones that can benefit the industry.

Our Mission

We think of people that work in offices, People who spend a thirds of their lives there and how we can impact therir lives with our furniture designs.

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