iSafe Blinders


Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Protective Shields

Protects your staff and clients from sneeze, cough and germs, and assists in preventing the spread of infection. An effective way to maintain social distancing where you need it the most!

DESCRIPTION - Secure your parameters with this product. Place on right and left of a user. This suspended screen insures that the face is totally protected from adjacent people on right and left.

  • Bottom Clamping.
  • Cutouts Optional.
  • Easy to Clean & Support Anti Bacterial
  • Cleaning.
  • Easy to communicate - Clear View


      • Apply water or wet sponge & a mild detergent/soap, and wipe the surface with a soft tint-free cloth like microfibre soon after.
      • Should not be cleaned when dry as it may leave scratches on the surface.
      • Must not be cleaned with strong commercial cleaners/chemicals as they may turn the surface hazy.
      • Virus and Bacteria can be wiped off using iso-propanol (this is same agent used in most hand sanitiser disinfectants) and a soft cloth.

      9 Reasons Why our Protective Shields are the best value for money

      • High-quality acrylic sneeze guards built.
      • Transparent infection protection screens offering safety with aesthetics.
      • Lowers the risk of viral, bacterial and germ infection caused by sneeze, cough & breathing.
      • Local production – super quick turnaround assured.
      • Handles provided for easy handling and minimal contact
      • Screens are fitted with a small box to store the sanitiser. ( Sanitiser NOT included)
      • Screens are laser machined with polished edges &  all corners rounded for safety.
      • Cleverly designed for easy installation, with a portable free-standing set-up.
      • Ships India wide.

      Product Specifications

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