L'il Jim 100x50 cms with Storage

The desk at which you sit for maybe one third of your life, has now just moved inside your apartment. Now that the desk is in the domestic sphere, it needs to earn its place there on the design front, Or else it will look like any other clinical office set up. 

We thought hard about what could draw you to your Home desk on every Monday morning.L'lil Jim is a compact desk that can easily befriend any wall in your house, or even stick to a corner.. We've taken the basics and re invented a few features and provided top industry grade aluminium for the legs coated with a beautiful monotone.



Table top - 1000 x 500 mm (100x50 cms)
Material - Aluminum Legs with Powder Coating and Pre-laminated Wooden Table Top of 15mm thickness
Semi - Assembled condition
Installation done upon arrival by BUROSYS Technician

• 18mm MDF Top with Laminate
• Table Top Size - 1000 x 500 mm 

• Aluminum Legs ( High Quality material, 3x more expensive than Mild Steel ) 
• Comes in a box, with installation manual and necessary tools
• Storage Unit (Optional)
• A large flat acrylic picturesque panel. 
• Easy to store or transport
• The design lends itself to a home office.
• Assembly required

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